On August 12, 2019, Great Hall Partners LLC received a formal written notice of Termination for Convenience from the City and County of Denver (the Owner) notifying the GHP’s that it has elected to exercise its discretionary right to terminate the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Development Agreement with effect 12 November 2019.

We are disappointed that we were unable to find a mutually acceptable resolution to the serious issues that have impacted this Project, which include the discovery of weak concrete in some areas of the terminal and more than 20 large in scale, badly timed and unnecessary change directives issued by DEN to the design they had previously approved. 

Since November 2018, we have made good faith attempts to reach a mutually acceptable resolution with DEN and Mayor Hancock’s office, and it has always been our strong desire to resolve these issues in order to deliver the Project.

We would have preferred to work with DEN to bring this Project to execution, but will continue to cooperate fully with DEN to ensure a smooth transition

The Termination for Convenience shall entitle Great Hall Partners to a compensation as stated in section 21.2 of the Development Agreement.

We will win the hearts of DEN’s customers by catering to their needs and offering a best-in-class passenger experience that will place DEN among top international airports.

Our Vision

We are committed to bringing DEN’s vision of transforming the airport into America’s favorite connecting hub to reality. Together, we will take the airport to the next level as the traveler’s gateway of choice.